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Welcome to the Yarnall Kennels web site, home for the latest news on our Yorkie, English Bulldog, and Maltese puppies. Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to email or call us if you have any questions.


We love our pets and strive to produce healthy, happy companions for your family. Each puppy is raised with much loving care and attention. We want to extend an invitation to each of you that are purchasing a puppy from us, to visit our facility when you pick the puppy up.


For those of you who cannot come to us, we can ship the puppy to you. Our prices include all shipping costs using American Airlines and the pet carrier that we ship the puppy in.  All medical records, microchip information, and registration paper will accompany your puppy along with a small bag of their regular food.


For an additional fee, we can have your puppy spayed or neutered before leaving here. Understandably, this could cause a delay in shipment until the veterinarian releases and approves the puppy for shipping.


Once again, thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to making your experience in adopting your new family member the most stress free and enjoyable experience ever. We are here to help you at the beginning of the purchasing process and will be here to support you long after you receive your puppy.






Ask About Our Layaway Plan!!! 

Sorry, but no Yorkie babies at this time.  Check back with us closer to spring!  




Ask About Our Layaway Plan!!! 


We have a litter of Maltese that were born December 28, 2019.  Momma & babies are doing great!  Litter consists of five little girls & one lonely little boy!  Lol  We plan on taking their pictures & listing them on this site after February 8th & they should be ready to leave here by the end of February!  


We are also anxiously expecting a new litter of Maltese to be born any day now!!!  


We love our Maltese babies!!!


Thank you!







Ask About Our Layaway Plan!!!


We have two litters of Morkie babies that we have just listed today (1/23/20)!  There are five little girls & two little boys combined in both litters!  We have some unusual colors in these two litters.  They are all healthy & happy little babies that would be a great addition to any family!  We don't usually get these colors, so take advantage of these beautiful & unusual little ones! 


We also have some more Morkie babies that have been born, but are much too young to list right now.  We are giving moms some well deserved privacy so they can take care of their little bundles of joy!  We plan taking pictures of some of them by the sixth of February.  They are all tri-colored little babies!  


Thank you!

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