Happy Customers


Jerry & Debbie, greetings from Reston, VA. Ziba (female) is now 21 months old and weighs 7 pounds. She has such a wonderful personality, happy and loves everyone. She even prances when she runs to us. There have been no health problems at all. Ziba loves riding in the car and being brushed. She is my first dog and is such a cutie. She is so soft and loves being petted. Ziba is so care free at home she occasionally sleeps in her doggie bed upside down with her paws in the air. Everyone in the neighborhood loves her. Rob Reston, VA

- Rob

Reston, VA


Debbie and jerry are the best! Debbie and i still talk after two transactions. The transactions are so smooth you woun't belive. Debbie and jerry make sure your pup is heathy. And to them it's not the money it's the heath of your pup. Two beatiful pups! Sophia and buttons are the two. Debbie is awesome! You can have a nice conversation with them and they will talk to you. I will vouch for them any day. If anyone needs information on them call me at 301-247-3386. Because after getting two pups from them i know her pups are heathy. Debbie and jerry i can't thank enough! I wish you guys so much luck with your business and goals. I breed and debbie always wishs me luck so it's my turn. Debbie is so good to the buyer. She gets back with you ASAP and is excellent breeder. Debbie and jerry i am so thankful to have found you guys on puppyfind a year in a half ago. Buttons came last weekend, but sophia i got 1 year ago. I will let my clients know about you and hopefully you sell your pups! I will send pics of the two as they grow. Debbie and jerry have over what they should! A beeder that keeps in contact for over a year is what i call a breeder who gets an A++++++.

- Newell and Donna

Great Mills, Maryland


Good morning! I want to start out by saying, Debbie and Jerry are great!!! Here is my email comments to them after I picked my baby up from the airport: Hello Jerry, "OMG!!! you guys are sooooooooo awesome!!! I got my little Peanut earlier today and he is awesome!!! I love him to pieces, already!! He was waiting in the AA office for me and seems to be adjusting so well since bringing him home. Thank you all for being such honest people and I pray many blessings on your business. This was the easiest transaction I've made in a long time." In addition to my email.... I just want to say that prior to getting Peanut from Yarnall Kennels, I had a very bad experience with a local breeder and I was about to give up until I found you guys on Puppyfind.com and given I've never met you all I can't say enough about your honesty, your response to each of my emails and your delivery of my precious little guy! I am recommending you to all my friends that are looking for a puppy. And again, I pray that your business grows beyond measure! Though I've never met you face to face, our communications were as if you've known me for years. I could not have been led to a better breeder than the two of you. If anyone needs additional reference please give my email msellershaynes@yahoo.com i'll be happy to vouch for you guys anyday!!!

- Meriam

Upper Marlboro, Maryland


We have had Bruiser (I think his name was Kewpie) for about a year now and he still is just as wonderful as the day we brought him home. He is a yorkie and believe it or not on our last vet visit he was 6 lbs. He doesn't seem that big though, I carry him around with me all the time! He is so cute and loves to play all the time! My bassett hound and him just love each other so much, I couldn't ask for a better dog! He also loves to ride in the car so he goes everywhere we go! Thank you so much for Bruiser I don't know what I would ever do without him now! I also want you to know when we are ready to add to our family again we will be coming back to you to pick our next little one!

- - Beverly

Jonesboro, AR

Cutie Pie

Hi Debbie I have had lil Cutie Pie nka Lilah for almost a year now and couldn't be happier to have this lil firecraker in our family. Her big brother Dexter also a yorkie, is happy to have a buddy everyday. We go everywhere together and she is always up for adventure. She makes friends where ever she goes and it doesn't take long for her to melt hearts of everyone she meets. At 3.5 pounds She is full of love, energy and personality! She is always entertaining and literally melts my heart everyday with her adorable poses, cunning stunts and little sweet face! I am forever going to be a yorkie owner and so thankful to have her.

- - Heather

Clayton, , Missouri


I got Mia, aka "Lil Kourtney" about a year ago. She is the best dog! She is just under 3.5 lbs and I can easily put her in my purse or on my shoulder and she goes shopping with me. She also likes leash walking. I love that she can walk all over me/lay on me, and it doesn't feel like she's even on me lol! When she gets excited she wags her tail and jumps in little circles. I couldn't have found a better dog! Cutest thing.

- Marilyn

Mesa, AZ


Rascal has made it home with Miki. Both are adjusting fine to this new experience. He is learning to be a travelling dog, as is over his fear of travel. He is going to be a great friend to her for many years. Thanks so much for him.

- Shelia & Mike

Versailles, Missouri


We adopted Audy, a lil maltese male puppy in February and we couldn't ask for a better puppy. He was obviously very well raised and handled well, he is a very loving puppy and loves to sit with me and cuddle. We really couldn't have asked for a better puppy to join our family and he's such a joy that we love so much. It was also great working with the Yarnalls to get this puppy. You guys were very willing to work with us and help us and answer any and all questions we had along the way. It was such a pleasure to work with you and we couldn't have asked for better in our puppy. Thank you.

- Jennifer

Hampstead, NC


Debbie, Dawson became a member of our family on 11-2l-10. He was a surprise birthday gift from my daughter. He is becoming a very good dog and has a great personality. We love him very much, he is well adjusted to living with us, including our cat. He follows me around, plays alot, and gives us many kisses. He is loving us as much as we love him. Certainly a sweet little maltese. Thank you.

- Jeanne & Mike

East Berlin, PA

Willie (Robbie)

We are so in love with our baby! He is spoiled rotten and loves to play and snuggle. Thank you so much for letting us make him a home! He is incredibly smart and has become a huge part of our family. Thank you again!

- Molly & Rick

Republic, Missouri

Blackie AKA Captin

Thank you Deddie he is the most beautiful puppy ever i love him so the girls love him ever so much I notice he loves to follow my little one everywhere they look so cute together... he is soo smart such a quick learner he goes in his puppy pad....I have told my friends about you and they will be calling you soon thank you soooo much i am very very happy with blackie.

- Cynthia

Providence, R.I.






Hi Debbie- Just wanted to tell you thank you for the wonderful puppy! She is everything I hoped she would be! So sweet and adorable! Thanks again:)

- Katie

Perry, FL



Our little guy is safe a sound in Mpls! We made a stop at Grandma's and weren't sure she was going to let us take him home. She fell in love with him and him with her! But now at home and he is doing very well ! And Beener loves him.

- Kris

Lakeville, MN


Debbie, Yes, I have her, and she is an absolute doll!! I love her so much already!!! Thank you so much for everything!! I'm having a difficult time even writing this and being away from her for this period of time. The way she "frollicks" in the grass is one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!! I will write more....but now, back to my Lilly!! ;-)

- Collette

Elko , NV


Hi! We are home with our new baby and she is even better than I expected!! She is laying in front of me eating her food and had a nice big drink as well. We stopped by our shop so my husband could meet her and I think he's in love as well :). Lol she just burped! Thank you again,

- Kristin

Gresham, OR


I have Kyler now, he is eating and drinking good, and is playing with my kids right now. We love the puppy! Thanks.

- Betty

Buffalo, NY


Hi Debbie, I attached a few pictures of Sage and her new family for you to see. She's so adorable and my sister was so HAPPY. :) The best birthday she has ever had. Thank you so much for helping us make it possible.

- Brittany

Midland Park, NJ


Hi Debbie...thought you would get a kick out of this picture...once she locks on...she doesn't let go! She went to the vet today for her 12 wk shots...and got her face cleaned up a little...she seems to be settling in quite well...and BamBam and she are becoming inseparable...I have a few more pics you might like if u want me to send them.

- Mary

Hilton Head Island, SC


Debbie ~ Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Lacie (Lindy) that we got from you in December. She is such a doll! She is pretty close to 7 months old and still only weighs 3 pounds! She is totally awesome.

- Mike & Ann

Lenexa, KS


Hi Debbie, Just wanted to give you an update on Hannah (nicole). She is doing wonderful, spoiled rotten as ever ! i attached a couple of recent pictures .I just love her to death, she is definitely a Mommy's girl.

- Kimberly

Louisville, KY


Jerry and Debbie, I called and left a message on your machine. But, I just wanted to tell you how much I love him.. The pics you sent of him didn't do him justice at all. He is more than what I thought he would be. His flight was almost an hour late, and he didn't even potty in his crate. He is a little skeptical of us all. But, we know he needs to adjust, The grandbabies love him.. I promise he will be loved like he was at your home.. Thank you so much... I did give a man today reference to get in touch with you. And again, Thanks

- Angela

Statesville, NC


Hello, Just a quick hello and a few pics. Lydia is doing great!

- Sue

Cape Coral, FL


Debbie, Just thought I would let you know Bella(Tulip) is doing great. She is eating, and doing great on her crate training. Thanks for helping me out the other day!

- Julie

Monett, MO


hi jerry sorry i havent been able to get back to you guys sooner but hiccup is doing wonderful i love him so much and he is doing so well with the family he is such a fun loving puppy he is doing well with going to the pee pad even though he still makes a few accidents but he is learning quick....when he first came home he was scared to come out but after awhile he got comfortable and finally came out to play....he also does very well sleepin at night he goes to bed with me every night and sleep by my side in bed....he also loves all his new toys and how everyone gives him so much attention.

- Jessica

Fall River, MA


Taco arrived safe and sound. He's the cutest little thing. He had a visit to Petsmart on the way home. For a few necessities. He played a bit initally and now he's snoozing away. Thank You !!

- Nancy & family

Ponchatoula, LA


Debbie, How are you? I'm sorry i haven't been keeping in touch as much. Jasmine is doing great! I swear she gets cuter everyday. She has learned to pose for the camera lately and i took some adorable pictures i wanted to send you. She is now completely potty trained but still has accidents when she gets a little too excited. She has also formed a little budda belly which makes her feel heavier than she actually is. I can say it looks like she grows a little more everyday but in the eyes of others, she is still the smallest full grown puppy they have ever seen. I love her more and more each day. It's hard to go to school and leave her home but when i get to come home to see her i couldn't be happier. My birthday is coming up soon and we are taking a trip to myrtle beach with my family. We still haven't come to a full decision over bringing her or not but to be honest.. i'm a little nervous to leave her home with my dad for a week! He doesn't exactly get how he has to take her potty 3 times a day plus, i would miss her so much! I'm thinking i'm gonna sneak her with me anyway. What's a birthday without my little Jaz Baz?! Here are some recent pictures of her. I will make sure to keep in touch and take more pictures to send!

- Breanna

Ontario, NY


Walter (Lil Boss) is a wonderful little bulldog! He fits in so well with our family. We have had two previous bulldogs who had some health issues, but Walter has none. We are so happy with Walter and Yarnall kennels.

- Christine

Charlestown, Massachusetts


Jerry, I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how Henry is doing( I think he was initially named Bryant). He is doing great and getting bigger by the day. He has the greatest temprament a dog could. He loves playing with any dog he encounters and is just as excited to meet new people. He has literally gained a fan club here on the block. We were initially nervous getting a puppy over the internet but you and your wife made it much easier on us through your availability to talk over the phone and your reassurance. Your price was one of the lowest we found of all breeders and you were by far the most available to talk. We could not be any happier with Henry and the service the two of you provided. We especially appreciated you meeting us closer to make the trip easier. I attached two pictures of him so you can see how big and hearty he has become and so you can possibly put them on your website to show how beautiful your pups grow up to be. Thanks again Jerry.

- Gabriel

Chicago, IL

Lutz Puppy

Hi remember us. We bought a yorkie from you about 2 years ago. We just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love this little guy. He has brought so much joy into our house. He is very, very spoiled and knows he is loved by all of us. Our little granddaughter loves her "little buddy" as she calls him. Oscar will start a chase with her. He will wait for her to catch up with him. She loves to watch him jump. Boy can he jump, right into your arms. We will send up to date pictures of him so you can see how he turned out. Thank you so much for such a bundle of joy. Mary Lutz 7/16/08

- Mary

Wenatchee, WA

Roxy (aka Kenlee)

Hey debbie i had gotten a puppy from you in december of 06 and her name was kenlee but her name now is Roxy but anyways we had took some pictures of her and i thought i would give you a little update on her. She is just a great pet and loving compainion. She is just beautiful and i have attached a picture of her for you to see her growth. thank you so much and well keep in touch and take care..

- Chris

Tracy, CA


Hello Debbie! I just wanted to drop you line and tell you how much we love Bailey. He is the neatest little puppy. Our Bassett Hound Sadie loves him just as much as we do. Thank you again!!!

- Crystal

Kelso, WA

Mack (aka Brent)

Jerry and Debbie, I just want to thank you so much for all your help in adopting our english bully, Brent, now named Mack. He's growing like a weed, he is now 3 months old and weighs approximately 12 pounds. He is the absolute sweetest little boy!! Everywhere we go, it takes us twice as long to get around because EVERYONE wants to play with him. Our vet immediately said, upon meeting Mack for the first time, that she could tell he came from a great breeder because he is a perfect, healthy little bulldog. I have attached a few pics of him...enjoy! Thank you so much for everything!!

- Jessica & Rick

Coralville, Iowa


Hello, I and my family are really enjoying tubby in our family.He is still a rollie pollie, playful, and cuddly little guy. We love him in your home and we thank you. Tubby is the best puppy we can ever have, my daughter Maeghan really spoiled him. He has clothes and everything..she has a huge picture of him on her binder...we love tubby and thank you

- alisha&&maeghan



Hi! We are so, so happy with our little Scamp! We decided to keep the name he came with since it suits him to a "T"! He's healthy, adorable, loving and couldn't be sweeter. He's such a little lap dog- and he loves to play and run with the other dogs in the dog park. He's made lot's of friends and LOVES riding in the car! He even get's along with our cats- I think he wishes they would play with him more! They do like to take his toys- but he always seems to find them. He's got a great disposition, and doesn't even mind going to the vet- and they love him there, too! He's great little pup and we love him very much. Thank you for making our online pet purchase a very positive experience- He's a very happy boy! Thank you!

- Susan

Centreville, VA


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yarnall, My Family and I would like to Thank You both for a great dog! I searched forever and I just happened to find you on puppyfind.com! We were very skeptical about ordering a puppy online. Mr and Mrs. Yarnall the tranaction could not have gone smoother and you worked with our time prefrences with out hesitation! Thank You ! It has been almost three weeks now and I wanted to wait and email you when Tucker had made our home his! And I believe that has happened! I am truley grateful to you both for such a great dog! Tucker is so sweet and very social! We love him very much! He loves our children! He never makes a peep unless he is going after his toys! Not that we would mind if he did! When we pick up our 6 year old at school he can't wait to greet all the children! The first night we had him he ran back and forth at the sliding glass door because he could see his reflection and he thought it was his brother's and sisters, it was so sad but adorable at the same time....so we have two neighbors with Yorkie's and a pug and he loves to play with them and he no longer even pays attention to the slider, so we can tell he's happy! He is a very special gift to us and we Thank You! Sincerly, Eileen, Duane, Caitlin, Derek and Tucker cord

- Eileen

Crofton, MD.

Winston aka "Lazer"

We are so in love with our happy, healthy and adorable english bulldog pup! He is everything we wanted and more. He is so handsome and has an amazing temperament. The Yarnall's were amazing in the entire process and we are so glad that we came across this website. Winston is loving AZ and his nice new home! Thanks!

- Alli & Brad

Maricopa, Arizona


It has been 3 years since Mo was delivered to me in PA. I am always getting compliments on his beautiful body build and his gentle and loving personality. He is very loyal and doesnt like to leave my side. Jerry & Debbie breed dogs to send a piece of love to all their customers. I am truly thankful I found you so Mo could find me!

- carmen

mohnton, pa


Jerry and Debbie, Thank you both so much for my beautiful puppy and for such a smooth transaction. Kylie loves her new home and she has 2 dogs and 2 cats to play with, she is as healthy as can be and full of so much energy. my husband is wanting to get a dachshund a little later on and you guys are who we will call to get one, I will recommend anyone to go through yarnall kennels. Thanks again, Debbie Hoffman

- Debbie

Florissant, Missouri


My experiance with Debbie & Jerry Yarnall was excellent,they made me feel comfortable,great communication & hospitality.I had trouble dealing with people in the past but, Debbie & Jerry are what they say they are about.If you are looking for a healthy puppy, Yarnall Kennels is without a doubt the best in the buisness.I bought Brianna, a female yorkie and she is a doll,so spunky and full of energy,gorgeous pup.I plan on doing more buisness in the future and recommend buying from the Yarnall's,I also reffered a couple of friends who are and plan on dealing with Yarnall Kennels.I was eager, felt uncomfortable"I didn't know them at first",while Debbie and Jerry had so much patients with me,Made us feel comfortable the whole way thru the transaction.All I gotta say is they went the extra mile,and I recieved a healthy pup,the whole thing was a blessing.Cain't thank you enough Debbie and Jerry.From the Martinez Family!!!

- Mario & Latoya

Apple Valley, California


Jerry and Debbie, Thank you so much for Dazzle AKA Demi. She is so playful. The night I brought her home she started to play with my other yorkie MILES. They are so cute playing with each other. I couldn't be happier!! Thanks for the smooth traction and wonderful addition to my family. I will send you pictures. Thanks again!

- Carisa

Placentia, California


Hi there Jerry and Debbie, We want to thank you so much for your help in getting us Roxie, formally known as Heather, She is the happiest puppy in the whole world. In just 2.5 days she is starting to play with her new sister Jezabel that cat. She brings smiles to our face every morning. Once we have a camera handy we will send pictures. Thank you again, Dena and Brian

- Brian

Rumson, New Jersey


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  • Mary Williams (Sunday, December 11 22 03:54 am EST)

    I bought Shadow a morkie. Before i bought him I never dreamed of loving something so much but now this adorable sweet little guy has stolen my heart forever. I bought him cause my husband is sick with stage 4 cancer that has now spread through out his whole body and I always heard that dogs can be good with therapy. Let me tell you, shadow is the best dog aka baby ever. From the moment my husband seen him he was in love. Shadow is always at his side if for whatever reason shadow is not there my husband is calling for him wanting him up in his arms. What Debbie and her husband do with these dogs is amazing they are such good and gentle and loving little dogs. I have to thank God for Debbie cause the joy and love her little shadow has brought into our lives is just so amazing. Shadow is our baby forever and i am so thankful.

  • Mike & Ann Rogers (Friday, September 09 22 01:35 pm EDT)

    Lacie: We just wanted to let you know our precious Lacie we bought from you in 2008 crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March 2022. Thank you for giving us 13 1/2 years with her. She is greatly missed!

  • Tanessa (Sunday, March 20 22 08:31 pm EDT)

    Dudley's mom!!! I just wanted to take the time to say thank you again for our new family member! He's adorable, and the sweetest puppy! Debbie and Jerry were so helpful, and kind and we are so thankful!

  • Caitlin (Monday, January 31 22 01:15 pm EST)

    Hello. thank you so much all the way from florissant, mo. my lil fur baby was born 3/1/20 and me and my family just love him so much. I am actually thinking of getting anther. yarnall kennels was very responsive and you can tell they love what they do. He is a very happy playful pup and the kids get a kick out of him.

  • Sandra (Sunday, December 05 21 04:30 pm EST)

    I bought cooper the male Maltese, and he is the best puppy every so adorable and playful! He has brought so much joy to the house! I can’t wait to see him after everyday of work :). My kids loves him! I highly recommend buying here :) they take good care of the dogs and they are such nice people. Thank you 😊

  • Gema and Amy (Wednesday, January 13 21 12:50 pm EST)

    Hi Debbie I just wanted to let people know how great you guys are and that they can trust your getting a healthy beautiful puppy. We have two girls Gema who's three know she is so pretty she is our little princess and Amy who is just six months and our little explorer she loves to sit on our porch outside. They are both so healthy and so happy dog. I am glad we finally found some one we could trust in getting healthy dog that I know we will have in our family for a long time. Thank you so much Debbie for raising such beautiful healthy dogs. Know we are thinking about getting a Yorkshire and definitely going back to Debbie some one we know and trust. Thank you so much for our fur babies. Terri from Missouri

  • Dee Lisante (Friday, September 25 20 12:55 pm EDT)

    We love our little Benji. He is now two years old. He brings so much joy to everyone that meets him. He has a wonderful personality. The best decision we’ve ever made. Thank you so much Jerry and Debbie.

    Joe and Dee Palm Springs, Ca

  • Mwansa Pescetto (Wednesday, March 11 20 11:02 am EDT)

    Good morning ☀️ I happy you are doing well? Debbie and Jerry you are great people and thank you for giving us a puppy that has brought joy in our family. I picked him yesterday from the airport and when we got home he didn’t adjust well as it was a new environment, but later that night he was so cuddling with me and my husband. Shadow suits him perfectly and we will never change it because he runs so fast you can barely see them, and he follows you around so much seemed like a shadow. This morning he woke me up and we are trying to train him to go potty outside but so far not good, but I know it takes time he’ll learn. We love him so much and I can’t stay away from him. The transactions was so smooth, and your communication was remarkable, I pray that your business may keep flourishing and I would highly recommend anyone to Yarnall Kennels, if they need references loracmwape@gmail.com I would highly vouch for you guys. Thank again for giving us such an amazing baby. God bless you

  • ed marasi (Tuesday, March 10 20 04:57 pm EDT)

    just picked her up from airport in WPB and arrived home. My wife got a lot of doggie kisses.

    First thing she did when she got here was pee on the tile. lol

    She seems fine and enjoyed the car ride

  • Bridgette Morrow (Monday, January 20 20 07:37 pm EST)

    Jerry and Debbie 5 star breeders...
    We purchased our little morkieTahiti this year 2020 and this was one of the best experiences ever! Debbie is very professional and alway answered any questions I had about my little morkie you can sure tell her babies are raised under foot! My little morkie is perfect in every way and I mus add very healthy as well! Thank you Jerry and Debbie for our baby Tahiti the little morkie!

  • Chunda (Friday, April 05 19 06:28 pm EDT)

    Debbie, It has been about a month since we received our precious bundle of joy and we couldn’t be happier with him. Our Yorkie is the sweetest little thing ever. Nate, now Miles has made his way into the hearts of everyone he encounters. There are no strangers and he is sure to turn a frown into a big smile! Thank you for making this experience so easy and affordable. We honestly could not be happier with our new puppy.

  • Mary lutz (Tuesday, March 12 19 08:09 pm EDT)

    Hello Debbie, our little Cooper (Pooh), is a year now and oh my gosh he has so much personality. Never a dull moment
    He certainly filled the empty void we had when we lost our Oscar. We love our Cooper and we know he loves us, lots of kisses. Thank you. Mary & Ken Lutz Wenatchee, WA

  • Shirley Padgett (Saturday, January 19 19 12:23 am EST)

    We were so very blessed in coming across Yarnall Kennels via Puppyfind.com. I spoke with Debbie quite a few times before making the decision to purchase Hudson (Scooter.) Not only was Debbie always courteous and kind, she took the time to answer all of my many questions. She ensured he traveled at convenient times and was in contact with me quite often. Hudson arrived via AA completely healthy. He is now 5 months old, weighs 5.2 pounds, and is quite the show stopper. My entire family is so in love with him and people that come in contact with him want to take him! He is even more perfect than they described on their website. Although we live in CA, I would only consider getting another puppy from Debbie and Jerry with Yarnall Kennels! They deliver all that they promise and more. Our precious Hudson has changed our lives and we are fortunate we get to call him ours. I can not thank you all enough! Please feel free to contact me if you have questions!

  • Mitch & Cynthia Callicott (Saturday, December 22 18 04:31 pm EST)

    Debbie & Jerry: Little Sissy is doing very well. She and our other Morkie, Winston, get along very well. She definitely has her own personality and we are enjoying her so much! She'll be 18 weeks on Christmas day but she is behaving beautifully! She was incredibly well socialized when we came and picked her up. Beginning that first night she went to her crate with no coaxing and went through the entire night without crying at all; and that continues to now! Whatever you do to prepare your puppies for their new home, keep dong it! She is absolutely no trouble at all! She plays constantly and is so funny; all of a sudden she will just start jumping like a little kid (baby goat); it's hilarious!

    Thanks so much for such a beautiful little girl!

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